Brief overview

Master în Ştiinţe Politice, 
Specializarea Ştiinţe Politice - Politică Comparată
Graduate study program of 2 years (4 semesters)
Number of credits: 120 ECTS

The program Master of Arts in Political Science – Comparative Politics (MCP) is fully taught in English.


This two-year Master program provides in-depth instruction in the field of comparative politics by stressing both the theoretical and empirical dimensions and examining the developpment of the discipline with regard to its object of enquiry, as well as to the methods deployed and hypotheses employed. Moreover, the program addresses fundamental issues related to democracy, security and development in Europe in a global context. Although a greater emphasis is placed on cross-national comparisons, single-case studies are not neglected. In this respect, the program addresses the traditionally underresearched region of Southeast Europe and examines processes of modernization and political development in this region.




The courses offerred within the framework of this program cover a large variety of subjects and include, but are not confined to: democratic and non-democratic regimes in postwar Europe; political parties, political elites and political representation; identity politics and ethnic conflict; (new) social movements and political conflict; regime changes and democratic transitions; postcommunism and postcolonialism; lustration and transitional justice; constitutionalism and constitutional choice; populism, political corruption and authoritarian backsliding; terrorism and European security; environmental issues and climate change. 


A note to prospective students 


This master program has been devised for students holding a BA degree (180 ECTS) in social sciences or humanities (political science, sociology, history, economics, philosophy, literature. modern languages etc.) from Romania and abroad (EU and non-EU countries). Students take part in small graduate seminars and benefit from the direct guidance of experienced professors. The student–faculty ratio is about 3:1 and meets the most demanding international standards of higher education. Courses are taught by academics with solid credentials in their respective fields. Studemts who have graduated from this program have gone on to work in public bodies, business, NGOs, media,  EU institutions and international organizations. Many of our graduates have successfully applied to various PhD programs in Romania or abroad and have subsequently pursued top careers in academia, business, government and the nonprofit sector. 


A note to international students


This program benefits from a truly international environment of academic excellence provided by the Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest, which offers full education in three languahes, that is, English, French and Romanian. The MA Program in Comparative Politics is one of the most established programs fully taught in English offered by the University of Bucharest. International students will benefit from expert knowledge and will develop a solid theoretical and practical understanfinding of politics and policy making in the rather underresearched region of Southeast Europe - with a special emphasis on Romania as a significant EU  member state in the region - against the backdrop of EU politics and policy making and considering the global challenges Europe and its various regions are facing today.