The capstone project is a written text that should identify a real problem in the area in which you want to specialize and offer a solution to this problem. 

The identification of the problem, the analysis and the solution should be based on research and the text should fulfill similar scientific requirements as a normal dissertation in terms of originality, methodological soundness, research ethics and referencing.

The final text should be at least 150.000 characters (with spaces, including references). 

For more complex subjects, if the tutor(s) agrees, two or more students can contribute to a unique final project but in this situation there should be very clear who did what, and the contribution of each team member should be of at least 125.000 characters (with spaces, excluding references). In this case, the final text should be a coherent piece, even if there are more contributors.

Each capstone project should have at least one coordinator from the MIPA teaching staff. The coordinator (tutor) should be chosen at the beginning of the 2nd academic year and could be the same person as the individual tutor one had during the 1st year.

If you graduate (you will have obtained all the 120 ECTS by the end of all exam sessions organized for students in their final years in May and June) you can defend the final version of your capstone project in front of a faculty jury, in whichever session you wish. Sessions are organized in June, September and February each year. 

After you successfully defend the final version of the capstone project in front of the faculty's jury you will be granted the master's degree.

The advanced or final versions of the capstone projects may be also defended in front of people working in the field in which you specialize so that you get more feedback and potential job recruitment suggestions. Such meetings will be organized periodically throughout the year by the tutors and will be open to both students and recent alumni.