COVID-19: Support for international students
Volunteer Support Network (VSN)
As an international student, you may experience a set of unexpected additional challenges during this period.


We are a group of fellow students from different study programs of the faculty who would like to support you to get more easily through this, while far away from home and/or from the faculty.

We are available to help you have access to relevant local information and contacts, such as opening hours of shops and pharmacies, more details about the courses you take. We are also here if you just want to have a friendly chat.

You can write us at or directly to any one of us. 

ANDRA (Andra Cristina PURDEA - MPES 1, 
LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian
Previous international experience: AIESEC volunteer for 3 months in Brazil; EVS volunteer for one year in Portugal; I lived for one year in France; I participated in various Erasmus projects on topics such as: public policies, Roma advocacy tools, LGBTQ+ non formal education. Interested in community organizing, gender and queer studies.

ANDREEA (Andreea-Silvia DASCĂLU - MIPA 2,
: English, Spanish, French
Previous international experience: I was an Erasmus exchange student in Portugal for 5 months; therefore, I can understand how being an international student in a foreign country feels like especially during times of uncertainty. I also travelled to various European and North American countries and I had the chance to meet, communicate and make friends with people from different cultures.

BIANCA (Bianca-Ioana MIRON - SSL 3,
: English, French, Spanish
Previous international experience: I am generally curious about foreign cultures, traditions, languages and, of course, countries. I have been lucky enough to visit several European countries and to make international friends there. I also interacted with foreign delegations, members of foreign parliaments and offices during a 6-month internship, which helped me understand the needs and preferences of individuals from different countries.

BIANCA (Florentina Bianca VRACIU - IRES 1,
: English, Italian, French, German
Previous international experience: I lived in Italy for 15 years where I attended a high school specialized in foreign languages, thanks to which I have always been in contact with different cultures and people from numerous countries.

CEZARA (Antonia-Cezara BENCHEA - SSL 2,
: English, Portuguese
Previous international experience: I am familiar with Portuguese speaking countries and I worked in challenging international environments, including as a 6-month intern at the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union (2019).

: English, Spanish, Portuguese 
Previous international experience: I am from Portugal, living in Romania for two years now, where I first came as an EVS volunteer and decided to stay. I travel often and I participated in a variety of courses and projects at a European level, getting the opportunity to work and make friends with people coming from several different countries.

GEORGE (George-Laurențiu LĂPĂDAT - IRES 2,
: English
Previous international experience: I lived in the US for one year during my senior year of high school and I can relate to the struggle of being a student away from home, especially during harsh times. Besides, I often traveled to different European countries for conferences, work or leisure. I am very outgoing but I am also very good at listening and offering support. I can easily connect with people from different cultural backgrounds.

MĂDĂLINA (Mădălina BOȚ - MIPA 1, 
: English, French
Previous international experience: I was an Erasmus student in my second bachelor year in Prague, Czech Republic, at Charles University. Moreover, I often take part in different international conferences, programs, mobilities abroad in capacity as participant, organiser, chair, volunteer. 

: English, French
Previous international experience: I am interested in multiculturalism, as I have participated in several projects where I met people from different countries and learned about their culture. Furthermore, I enjoy travelling, I am a great listener and I can easily connect with other people and build strong bonds.

(Marinela Monica TUDORACHE - MPES 2,

Languages: English
Previous international experience: I have never had an experience of living abroad, but the organisation I am currently working in is a member of international NGOs networks, which enables me to keep in touch with people I can cooperate with on various projects. In addition to this, I am a devoted traveller who is always curious to discover new places.

OANA (Oana-Lorena FARA - IRES 3,
: English
Previous international experience: I used to spend my summers in Italy for an ecumenical project, with groups of people from different parts of the world. I was an Erasmus student in the Netherlands, I like to participate in any projects which include traveling and I am a volunteer at IOM ( International Organization for Migration) Bucharest, therefore I have some experience in managing difficult situations.