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International exchange student (including Erasmus)


An orientation session for all international exchange students, including Erasmus, will take place Monday 30th of September 2019, 14:00, in the P3 Hall (Sala P3) of the Faculty of Political Science (59, Calea Plevnei, ground floor). This session is only for students enrolling in the 1st semester or for the full academic year.

The official opening of the 2019-2020 academic year of the Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest, will take place Monday 30th of September 2019, 10:00, in the Aula Magna Hall of the Faculty of Law Palace (36-46, Mihail Kogălniceanu Blvd, groundfloor).


1st semester
30.09.2019, 14:00
Orientation session

1st day of teaching

Deadline for submitting the faculty enrollment form (download here).

Deadline for submitting Learning Agreements and Changes to Learning agreements for signature (download the UB Changes to Learning agreement form).

For the calendar of the courses at the Faculty of Political Science, please check the section Academic calendar

Students can submit and/or pick up their academic and faculty registration documents (Learning Agreements, Changes to Learning Agreements, Faculty Enrollment Form) from the International Relations and Communication Office of the faculty during its office hours

Transcripts of records for courses taken during the 1st semester will be delivered in late January - mid February 2020 directly to the Erasmus university office (for Erasmus, EGALES & CEEPUS students) or the International Relations university office (for all other exchange students), from where students can pick them up before they return to their home university. All administrative processes and documents, with the exception of those mentioned in the above paragraph, are managed by the Erasmus university office (for Erasmus, EGALES & CEEPUS students) or the International Relations university office (for all other exchange students).

Are you a student wishing to study at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Bucharest (FSPUB) through an exchange program? You can do that if there is an institutional agreement between us and your home university. 
  • Currently, FSPUB hosts exchange students from all over the world through a wide range of arrangements
    • Erasmus agreements with over sixty top European universities in sixteen countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey)
    • special institutional agreements within the CEEPUS program;
    • a special institutional agreement for the European Master EGALES (partly in French, with participating programs from Finland, France, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom);  
    • a special institutional agreement for the joint master program Politique en Europe: Etats, frontières, sociétés  (fully in French) with Ecole des Hautes des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris;
    • at university-level there are over two hundred institutional agreements with universities from all over the world, with FSPUB hosting almost all foreign social science students at the University of Bucharest;
  • You can study with us even if you are not majoring in Political Science
    • FSPUB has the largest English-language and French-language curricular offer in social sciences in Romania, at both BA and MA level;
    • Many of the FSPUB courses are transdisciplinary or cover major issues in other social science and humanities traditions such as contemporary history, history of ideas, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, psychology, economics and law;
    • All professors speak at least one foreign language (usually English and French) and all exchange students can take specialised classes of English or French for social sciences; 
    • If you are enrolled as an exchange student at another faculty within the University of Bucharest, you can still take classes with us, if your academic coordinator agrees;
    • Romanian language courses are offered at university-level to all foreign students, if you wish to attend courses in Romanian;
  • Each year, the foreign students form about 10-15% of our student body, the largest proportion of foreign students in social sciences in Romania;
  • Usually, the selection process is done in you home university and then it is followed by an administrative approval from our university;
  • Our institutional agreements usually includes a tuition waver and the full recognition of your academic performance/scientific work at the University of Bucharest;
    • The Erasmus agreements usually also have a financial component (i.e. a scholarship) that is established by your home university;
    • The special institutional agreements may have a financial component supported by governmental or private institutions;
  • If there is no institutional agreement between us and your university, and you wish to study with us please write us at

After you are accepted by our university, you will be issued an enrollment certificate (in Romanian called dispoziție de înmatriculare) upon your arrival in Bucharest. 

Throughout your study period, your contact points will be 
At the beginning of your first semester of study with us, you will be invited to the International Relations and Communication Office (BRIC) of our faculty for an academic and administrative orientation session. 
  • at this session, you will be instructed how to enroll in courses and have access to your institutional email account @FSPUB;
  • all major links necessary for your academic work can be accessed through this page (see box on the top right corner for quick reference).
During your studies at the FSPUB, your will receive grades in the Romanian grading system. 

Grade in the ECTS system

Romanian grading system

 Non-failing students who usually obtain this grade






















At the end of your studies here, 
  • the FSPUB will issue your academic Transcript of records (ToR), with all the grades for courses you took at the FSPUB:
  • If you are an exchange student enrolled primarily at the FSPUB and you attended courses from other departments within the University of Bucharest, your grades and subsequent transcript of records from those departments will be issued by the secretariats of those departments, and then given to the respective university offices;
  • If you completed all your administrative requirements and have to leave Romania before the ToR are ready, they will be sent to you and your university by mail;
  • Your email account @FSPUB will be active 3 months after you finish your studies with us so that you have enough time to back up your information.

If you wish to study @FSPUB for a degree (in English, French or Romanian), you may check our international student page and one of our degree programs.


Faculty of Political Sciences
International Relations and Communication Office

Dr. Luciana Alexandra GHICA 
Exchange students academic coordinator

2019-2020, 1st sem (59, Calea Plevnei, Erasmus & international office, ground floor)
Monday, 12:00-15:00