[SPE3 - Optional courses] Online form now open

posted 2 Oct 2016, 22:00 by FSP UB   [ updated 2 Oct 2016, 22:01 ]
As decided last year, students of SPE 3 will choose the optional courses for this academic year through an online platform. This is open as a form at the end of this announcement from Monday, 3rd of October at 8:00 a.m. and will close on the 6th of October at 2:00 p.m.

In this form, students are required to give a UNIQUE rank from 1 to 8 (1 the most preferred, 8 to least preferred) to each of the 8 courses which are offered for this semester. From these each student will be then automatically enrolled in 5 courses, based on the time of registration and the ranking each gave to each course. If, based on the time of registration, one or more of the first 5 courses preferred by a student are already completed, that student will be automatically distributed at the next available option(s). 

In order to fill in the form students need to LOG IN with the FSPUB account

To avoid any unfairness and avoid delays due to the potentially forgotten passwords, the passwords of all accounts which were not checked since August 2016 were reset on the 29th of September in the afternoon. The new password will be the CNP (or equivalent CNP for foreign students). Foreign students may ask questions about their CNP at the secretariat - Ms. Nicoleta MATEI (nicoleta.matei@fspub.unibuc.ro). At the first new log in after the password is reset by the IT service, students will be required automatically to reset their password. 

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